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"Semper Fi" is the Marine Corps motto, and means "Always Faithful".

"(I Know Why You're) Semper Fi"
Directed by Jason Carswell and Ian Rhett
Music by Ian Rhett
Animation by Jason Carswell

"(I Know Why You're) Semper Fi" is a song inspired by my sister, an active duty Marine. I'm a musician committed to generating kindness and inspiring peace and I'm also profoundly grateful for the commitment to serve demonstrated by my sister and her military community.

The goal of the video is to create a middle ground in a deeply divided national dialogue about the war - to respectfully acknowledge the sacrifice and dedication of the men and women fighting on our behalf, and to ask aloud, "When does the time for peace finally arrive?"

Supporting the troops doesn't mean giving the government a blank check of public support. In my opinion, supporting the troops means not only acknowledging their commitment, but also taking responsibility for speaking out to their civilian leadership on their behalf by exercising the rights for which they and their predecessors fought. Their job is to follow orders, and they do it better than anyone else on the planet. Our job as citizens is to hold our government accountable. To be silent, in my opinion, is to dishonor both freedom and the sacrifices made in its pursuit.

The video was animated by Jason Carswell, an accomplished broadcast animator whose previous work can be seen making sponges, scrubby bubbles and breakfast cereal bumblebees come to life on network television commercials.

This video was made possible by the support of my online and offline communities, whose culminating micro-grants afforded seed funding for the project. The fact is, the video was really made possible by Jason's commitment to the message of the video. He worked magnitudes of order more than he agreed to (and was compensated for) because of his commitment to peace and his pride in doing quality work. As they say in the military "Job Well Done," Jason. You can learn more about Jason, his background and upcoming projects at www.wickedsunshine.com

- ian rhett                     

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