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Quotes used in the film
about: "unamerican" <<
"unamerican" was recorded, mixed and mastered between 2pm and 6pm on Friday, July 2, 2004 at The Little Buddha Studios in San Rafael, Ca. The song was written and performed by ian rhett with the exception of drums. christopher krotky at Atomic Tangerine Productions recorded and produced the song.

Of my first batch of songs (I only started singing and songwriting this year), this was the first to be recorded. I chose to record and develop "Unamerican" because I was passionate about what's going on in the world and wanted to make a contribution. And a statement. And even though it's just a song, the feedback I'm getting is making a difference in people's lives, and thus in the world. To quote a certain someone..."Mission Accomplished". Except this time, it's true.

My first public performance was at an event called "Activ8" on June 19, 2004 at the Cell Space in San Francisco. I sang one song - "Unamerican".

A month later, I was onstage at the Kucinich campaign wrap party at the DNC, singing many of my other (as yet unrecorded) songs. I performed "Unamerican" at the end of the night, for all intents and purposes being the finale to the campign.

Pretty much every day since getting back from Boston, I've been working on the Flash movie.

about: the flash movie << [Download a stereo presentation version]
From the moment the song came to me, it was clear that some kind of flash movie with imagery amplifying the message of the song needed to happen. After a few false starts, the film finally got into production, and after several weeks of of unprecedented work, the film was nearing completion on the 3rd Anniversary of 9/11. I had been aiming to launch the film on the anniversary of 9/11, as that terrible day changed my life and I wanted to honor the loss with all the tears that had been shed making this film. It quickly became clear, though, that the day after the anniversary was a much more appropriate day to introduce the film.

My collaborator Eddie Carden heard about the project from a mutual friend. Eddie and I had met a couple years ago and had an instant rapport, but didn't get a chance to really work together until this film. His production background in film, music video and Flash made him ideal for the job. The amount of technical skill, creativity and insight he brought to the process has been miraculous and delicous and inspiring and perfect. The process of creating this with Eddie has been a delight in every way.

The film was launched with an email to some friends and a few email lists I'm on. We'll see what happens from there...

about: ian rhett <<
The release of "unamerican" marks the failure of a lifelong creative block to keep Ian Rhett's voice from being expressed in song. It was either a lot of prayer, a decision at midnight on January 1, 2004 to dedicate a minimum of two hours every day to writing, practicing and playing, or maybe it was just time. More about ian here: www.ianrhett.com <<

about: sharedvoice.org <<
Ian started sharedvoice.org a few days after 9/11. An initial email to 150 friends and relatives resulted in almost 4,000 people signing a statement of values and concerns. The intention was to demonstrate that there was a sense of unity in being concerned about an immediate military response. A concern that's proving itself these days, sadly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.