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"(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican"
by ian rhett
copyright and license info below

Didn't know I was unamerican
For choosing to give a damn
Or unpatriotic
For daring to take a stand
For what I believe in
Looks like freedom to me -
Expressions of liberty
Wanting our America to be
A responsible hegemony

Didn't know I was a communist
For wanting to share the wealth
It doesn't take an economist
To measure the cost of health
And what I believe in
Looks like heaven to me -
One human family
Where everybody's got enough to eat
And something warm to cover their feet

Didn't know I'd be labeled a terrorist
For daring to speak my mind
It's becoming more precarious
For failing to toe the line
And what I believe in
Sounds like freedom to me -
Like the Sons of Liberty
In 1773
Dumping 45 tonnes of tea

Didn't know I was in the minority
Of people who love the Earth
I hope it becomes a priority
Before it gets any worse
And what I believe In
Looks like heaven to me -
Where angels take the shape of the trees
Giving us clean air to breathe
From the rivers to the mountains and seas...

DIdn't know I hated my country
For acknowledging the Truth
This war is despicable profiteering
At the expense of our youth
And what I believe In
Looks like heaven to me -
All of humanity
Living as community
In relative harmony

I know it's just a song
But if the whole world sang along
How much longer would it be this way?

This work is ©2004 Ian Rhett and licensed
under a Creative Commons License.