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Teens Speak Their Truth <<

Wow, Graeson, I'm having a tough time believing you're 13. There's a gravity (in a good way) in how you express yourself, and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you were inspired by this song. Last weekend, I played the song at Bioneers (a really great conference you should check out - www.bioneers.org) in the youth tent. I remember looking around at all the young people and thinking "this is why I'm doing what I'm doing".

I was equally saddened by the state of the world I imagine on its present path in 30 years, when you're old enough to run for president as well as inspired by the promise young people are to the world. I've met so many incredible young people who really go give me hope, Graeson. And you're one of them, for sure.

Thanks for sharing your story, your feelings and for passing on the song.

Keep in touch, Graeson. Great things ahead!!!


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