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Veterans Speak Up<<

Bill, Thank YOU. First of all, you can download a presentation version of the movie here: http://www.sharedvoice.org/unamerican/share.html The presentation version is in stereo, so you can blast it out. You can play it in "loop mode" if you just can't get enough of it...

I don't know what a "spec four" is, and I frankly can't begin to imagine being sent to Asia (I recently visited Thailand) to get caught in such a quagmire having so many beautiful, innocent people caught in the middle. I'm not just talking about the "civilians" but the men and women who left their normal lives to be dragged through hell and back. I believe the people fighting the war are stuck in the middle, too.

I so admire that you and your fellow veterans went when you were called (much like our men and women today in Iraq, Aghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and pretty much everywhere we have a military presence. And I suspect that list is not short.)

Thank you for writing me, Bill. I've never gotten an email like this before, and it's an incredible thing to me to have someone who has earned my undying gratitude for being willing to go. Not because I think you fought for freedom (any more than the men and women of our armed forces are fighting for freedom right now). But because you believed in freedom enough to put your life on the line for it when your government asked you to.

Y'know, I was told to take the time to make sure you got that link. I needed to hear what you've said to me, and I want you to know that it means the world to me. It really does, Bill. I am so grateful for what you said and have the support of someone who faced the horrors of war...

Thank you a thousand times. And thanks for passing it on to your friends. I'd love to hear from other Vets.


Another great comment that makes me proud:

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