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  Just the FAQ's (and FMC's): <<

Film Content
Can I get the quotes used in the film?
How about the lyrics?
How about the chords?
How can I download the movie and show it to friends or at an event?
I have a radio or TV show and want to get a copy for air. How do I do that?
Perspectives and differences of opinion
"Touching music did not make the country what it is today, y'know..."
Veterans Speak Up
This is all very sweet, but what difference is it making where it matters?
Young People make a difference, too
Sharin' the Love
I'm inspired! How can I help?
Tech Support
I'm having a problem downloading/link doesn't work, something's not right...
More than you'll need...
Are you gonna sell out?
Where can I find out more about Ian Rhett?
Where can I find out more about the song, the video, etc.?
Does Ian blog?

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